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Royal Staunton Chess Pieces in Rosewood and Boxwood- 4"

Royal Staunton Chess Pieces in Rosewood and Boxwood- 4"

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Our Royal Staunton Chess set is unique and elegant. This is one of a kind in the mid-range that will amaze you, especially, how each piece is different from all the other sets in this range. The Knights are specially carved, and the King and Queen look very distinct from all other sets. This could become one of those sets that you could play and practice with. All the pieces are individually polished with lacquer and buffed.

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King Height : 4.0"
King Base : 1.625"
Chess Set Weight: Approx. 1.87kg ( 4.12 lb)
Total Number of Pieces: 34 (Includes two additional Queens)
Chess Board: 2.125" - 2.25" Square Size
Chessboard is included (Ebony)
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