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German Staunton 2.75 made of Rosewood and Boxwood

German Staunton 2.75 made of Rosewood and Boxwood

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Commonly known as German Staunton and can sometimes be called as a Downhead set of chessmen. This set is crafted from blocks of wood with felt placed on every single piece to prevent any damage to the chess board surface. These German Staunton chess pieces are polished to give a natural finish by very skills craftsmen who design some of the worlds most famous and high quality chessmen and chess sets. Each piece has been finished with great attention to detail. A Downhead or German Staunton set is commonly characterized by the knight, with running diagonal lines and a closed mouth, almost with a stubborn nature. A staunched rook and engraved bishop give this unique set it’s name. 

Chess Pieces Includes:
  • Chess Pieces Rosewood: 16
  • Chess Pieces Boxwood: 16
  • King Height: 6.98 cm (2.75″), King Base: 2.8 cm(1.13″), King Weight: 35 g.
  • Pawn Height: 3.8 cm (1.49″), Pawn Base: 2.1 cm (0.82″), Pawn Weight: 9 g.
  • Suitable Board Square Size: 4 cm
  • Board not included
Total Weight:
  • 0.6 KG


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