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Centurian Luxury Chess Pieces in Rosewood and Boxwood-4.0"

Centurian Luxury Chess Pieces in Rosewood and Boxwood-4.0"

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Hand made in India by our skilled artisan, Centurion Staunton Chess Set is one of our top of the line mid-range set. Triple weighted, masterfully crafted, this piece is great to play with. If you are a collector, you will love this set because of its sheer beauty. The Knight is carved with such detail that you will love the overall shape and details that the craftsmen put in the mouth, ears, the nostrils and the mane.

This Chess set is weighted with metal inside each piece for stability and ease. You will absolutely enjoy playing with this chess set on one of our nice chess boards.

Made in Rosewood, which has unique, beautiful, eye catching grains, that is straight or locked. Buff polished for a nice finish, this set is an absolute work of art.

Each set comes with 34 Chessmen, with two extra Queens. All the pieces come with green billiard cloth pad for smooth execution on the board.

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Product Specs:
King Height : 4.0"
King Weight : 105 gms
Chess Set Weight: 1.81Kg (4.00 lb)
Total Number of Pieces: 34 (Includes two additional Queens)
Recommended Chess Board: 2.375" Square Size
Chessboard is not included
Materials: Rosewood and Boxwood

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