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Black Anigre Wooden Chess Board - 24"

Black Anigre Wooden Chess Board - 24"

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The remarkable black anigre and erable chess board is ultra smooth for playing chess. High contrast white erable squares feature slightly marbled wood grain, making black or ebony chess pieces on the board looking royal.

The playing surface and other surfaces are finished with high quality veneers and a special finish to enhance and protect the wood, giving the chess board a smooth matte finish and preventing glare. The board is manufactured in Spain with the same techniques used for high-end furniture.

The chess board is made of Black Anigre. Anigre is an African hardwood commonly used for plywood, interior furniture, cabinetry, and high-end millwork applications. (Wikipedea)

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Product Specs:
Dark Sqaures: Anigre
White Squares : Erable
Square Size: 2.375 Inches
Size of the Chess Board : 24 Inches (Approx.)
Recommended Chess Pieces: 4.0" and above

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