Essential Endgames - Opposition

Essential Endgames - Opposition

Pawn endgames are the foundation of all endgame scenarios, and they should be studied thoroughly as they can be found in many different endings. Despite their seeming simplicity, pawn endgames can be quite complex and even experienced players can make mistakes in them. The complexity of pawn endgames lies in the fact that they are not as simple as winning or losing, they are either won or drawn, and making an incorrect move can have serious consequences. Therefore, it's important to have a deep understanding of pawn endgames to be able to handle them effectively.

The kings are in opposition, when they are placed on the same file, rank, or diagonal, with an odd number of squares separating them. The disadvantage is to the side that has to make the move if the kings are in opposition. So its important to try to take the opposition and then let the opponent move.

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Black to move...

Basics of Opposition

How to maintain opposition and stop black from penetrating? If white wants to prevent black from penetrating the file and prevent black from reaching the other side, he can, but only if its blacks move. But here it is white's move and black will penetrate the blockade by white king.

Black to move... and White is able to hold the OPPOSITION

Black to move and Black gives up the opposition to white. Remember whoever is able to get the OPPOSITION and its the other side to move, it can either penetrate or stop your opponent from penetrating. In the case of desiring to penetrate, if your opponent losses the opposition, you can penetrate. If your opponent looses the opposition when they move, you gain the opposition, and you can stop them from penetrating. SEE EXAMPLE BELOW!!!!

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